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 We, the BIMers, provide professional BIM Services.

With top talents from different areas of expertise,and experienced BIM projects in practice,WeBIM now proudly present the most innovative BIM Service that customized for your own use according to project needs!

We believe that constant communication among project participants is the best approach to integrate huge amount of BIM data. We will utilize BIM technique to assist our clients solving project issues.
Set up BIM execution plan to clarify project goal, evaluate best timing to implement BIM, build BIM model according to project needs to enhance productivity and efficiency. 。
Due to the peculiarity of construction business, almost every project is unique. Thus, WeBIM customized Application Programming Interface based on project characteristic, provide exclusive assisting programs to enhance project efficiency.
With different areas of experts, WeBIM is capable of helping our clients to solve all the issues during construction , and provide the most effective solution

WeBIM Services – our original intention

After undergoing an experience of pioneer project Wei-Wu-Yin Center for the Arts, we learned many precious construction experiences from it. WeBIM combined construction expertise and BIM perfectly to present you the whole new levels of extraordinary service quality and contents.

It takes a decade to grind a sword. As the first BIM department that set up by a construction company, after years of experiences conducting BIM to construction project, we decided to spin off from parent company and established a new firm named “WeBIM Services”. Not long after set up, we submitted our projects to participate several domain and international BIM competitions, such as competition that held by Chinese Institute of Civil and Hydraulic Engineering (CICHE) – First Prize and <CHINA BIM AWARDS 2013> – Second Prize in Best Integration and Information Interaction.


To use BIM as main concept to set up Total Solution management platform during project life cycle, and enhance client value and competitiveness in all aspects
To utilize BIM technology to fulfill client’s needs
To break through traditional thoughts and abreast of modern developments to keep up with the times

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