Chien-Kuo Group, General Contractor of 「Wei-Wu-Yin Center for the Arts」, was invited to exhibit at Tectonic Becoming 2014. As the only construction company that participated to this exhibition, CK Group shared their experience of construction procedure. Curation of this project was designed and executed by WeBIM Services.

Due to the large scale and complexity of Wei-Wu-Ying project, WeBIM decided to mimic architect’s concept of banyan trees. We retrieve part(2m x 5m) of curved steel skin from Banyan Plaza, and suspended it to the structure of exhibition hall. Even it is a mock-up of the real construction, we tried to represent how the procedure goes of the actual situation.

Reproduced the double-curved steel skin as the projected screen, combined BIM technology that was adopted in this project to build three interactive virtual realities for audiences to experience the construction site and to imagine what it feels like after its completion in 2015.

Technologies that been adopted in this exhibition:

Time:2014/07/26 ~ 10/05 (Tue.- Sun.) AM 10:00 ~ PM 5:00
Place:Former Air Force Command Headquarters

Special thanks to fully support of EeRise Technologies and their superior teamwork to solve all unpredictable issues while field testing; the generosity of Otsuka Information Technology Crop. to sponsor cloud rendering fee; and the incredible works well done by 68 firm. Without team members above, it is not possible to complete the exhibition in time.