We the BIMer

WeBIM, the former BIM(Building Information Model) Departmet of Construction B.U., Chien Kuo Group, was the first specific professional department set up by a construction company. Since Sep. 2010, we conducted BIM technology to projects during Construction phase and had very successful experiences. By utilizing BIM to solve issues at construction site, we had developed several techniques and patents to assist our clients with their projects. In academic, we cooperated with many top universities (NTU, NTUT) in Taiwan. In practice, we helped our clients built Wei Wu Ying Center for the Arts and Sinotech Consultants Inc. and learned precious experiences from them.

After years of experiences of implementing BIM to construction projects, we have been approached many times by other participants in project life cycle to provide BIM services. Thus, we decided to spin off from parent company and established a new firm named “WeBIM Services”. Our initial intention is to use BIM as main concept to set up total solution management platform to help our clients to enhance procedure efficiency and their brand value.



To use BIM as main concept to set up Total Solution management platform during project life cycle, and enhance client value and competitiveness in all aspects
To utilize BIM technology to fulfill client’s needs
To break through traditional thoughts and abreast of modern developments to keep up with the times


Mark Lee
Mark LeePresident
我們可讓 10 到 20 多位人員同時在一個 BIM 模型下協同作業,有效溝通並針對設計衝突做出最精準的判斷。

Ryan Li
Ryan LiSenior Manager
BIM 是以可視化模型呈現營建全生命週期中資訊交換/運用/管理/模擬/流程的協作管理模式。

BIM 是營建產業的新利器。

Kevin Huang
Kevin HuangManager
BIM 是氧氣、是衣服、是食物… 是21世紀末,人類迎接新世代的生活必需品。

Mark Su
Mark SuManager
BIM 是一款營建業的多人線上遊戲,玩家間在虛擬世界中追求自身的最高利益。

Hsiao Yuan
Hsiao YuanJunior Manager
BIM 是誠實的建模、實體的表達、完整的呈現、視覺的饗宴。

Angela Hsu
Angela HsuJunior Manager
BIM 是建築設計與營建業的希望與光明的未來。

Jimmy Lee
Jimmy LeeJunior Manager
BIM 是工程規畫及工程進行的好工具。

Janet Yeh
Janet YehTeam Leader
BIM 使建築更具有生命力。

Eddie Yeh
Eddie YehR&D Engineer

Justin Chien
Justin ChienR&D Engineer
BIM 是營建產業的解藥,我們透過 BIM 掌握營建資訊,營建產業因為我們而持續進步。

Jason Wu
Jason WuR&D Engineer
BIM 是一種哲學,讓每個參與工程的人都能不假思索的知道自己應該做些什麼、想些什麼。

林書帆 Avery Lin
林書帆 Avery LinBIM Engineer

何逸琨 Rick Ho
何逸琨 Rick HoBIM Engineer

陳偉倫 Allen Chen
陳偉倫 Allen ChenBIM Engineer
BIM實現了人們與建築之間的對話 , 一同遊走在建築全生命週期當中。